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Broadland 16ft Duracore Canoe

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Drawing on the classic lines and proven design characteristics of a traditional Prospector, the Broadland is a true all-rounder and a real workhorse. The canoe comes in yellow, blue, black, red, orange and green. For fleet orders we can organise custom decals and colours!


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Other options include: kneeling thwart, lacing, end grab-loops, sculpted deep-dish yoke, curved web seats, curved cane seats, additional web seat, plastic seats, custom colour-schemes, and fitted sailing seat with mast foot.  Please enquire for current pricing.


For individual purchases an in indication of cost to courier a boat is: Sydney – $100, Melbourne – $150, ACT – $100, Brisbane – $150, Adelaide – $250, Tasmania – $250, Sunshine Coast – $200, Townsville – $300, Cairns – $350, Perth – $500. Contact us below for a firm quote and estimated delivery date.

Product Specifications
Length:4845mm /// 15'11"
Weight:Vinyl 38.5Kg /// Wood 36.5Kg
Width at Gunwale:922mm /// 36.25"
Maximum Width:934mm /// 3675"
Rocker at Bow:62mm /// 2.5"
Rocker at Stern:62mm /// 2.5"
Depth at Bow:520mm /// 20.5"
Depth at Stern:520mm /// 20.5"
Depth at Centreline:370mm /// 14.5"
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