Get your trip’s equipment requirements listed online!

Imagine having an easy to use tailored solution for getting the right gear. Imagine not printing off equipment lists for every camper multiple times. Well we have solved your problems! Send us your trips details and we will get you live!


You need the right gear to keep your programs running

We're also outdoor teachers and leaders, we understand the process and what’s needed to get your camps into the bush, up the mountains and down the rivers. Check out the range and get a quote. Email through your wish list and requirements and we will get you some pricing!


Spending night after night on programs?

You need the best gear and you're going to need a fair bit of it! We recognise your dedication and thank you for giving your life to the outdoors; Our way to say thank you is to offer you the best pricing available via Pro-Deal! Pricing is based on item by item so we can ensure you get the best savings possible!

Offtrack is not just the place I get my equipment, these are the guys I call to come for an adventure.

Pat Cordon (Offtrack Ambassador, Explorer & Adventure Photographer)
Advantages to creating a gear list

There are many advantages to having a gear list code or sending one out to your groups or students.

  • Participants and families save money by getting a discount on all equipment.


  • Equipment is professionally chosen for your trip.


  • Confusion free for families and participants.


  • One stop shop! Every single thing you need can be found in one place for your trip.
How Does the Equipment List Work?

Send us your trip list

By following the links you have the ability to just upload your existing list in a PDF.

Give us a day or two

Give us a couple of days to get in touch and provide a bespoke tailored list of equipment and generate a unique code for your group to use.

Login into the list using the unique code provided

The 6 digit code will give you access to your list, presented in the same order qty and terminology that you provide us with.

Choose from GOOD, BETTER, BEST options for each product

By offering 3 options for each item on your list the choice is yours. This decision could be made based on budget, how much you intend to use the item or simply wanting some extra creature comforts whilst on your trip.

Fill your cart and check out

View your cart and double check it is the gear you need. Once happy with your order check out with one of the offer various ways to pay including Debit card, Credit Card, PayPal, Afterpay & Zippay.

Shipped out in time for your trip

We ask for your departure details so that we ensure the equipment will be shipped and arrived to you with plenty of time before your trip.

How do you know what products to choose?
Choosing products should be easy, we have narrowed down the list with specially chosen products for students and or parents using it, our professional understanding of environments and trips allows us to only recommend products that are up to the task. From that point on the choice is yours based on how much you intend to use the product beyond the trip, budgets or even how luxurious you wish to do the trip.
How do I buy for my school?
Simple, we can deal with you directly or through the website. On the website simply add all the products you want quoted to the add to quote feature and we will send you a quote directly, from there we can modify swap and change the order as needed. Once we finalise the exact order we can deliver the gear and send an invoice to your accounts team for payment.
Do you make your own gear?
We often do special runs of equipment custom made and tailored for a specific clients needs. This can be anything from group uniforms to custom canvas backpacks. Fortunately we have partnered manufacturing with one of Australia's top equipment suppliers so its not one of our team breaking out the knitting needles.