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Covid 19 Disinfection Guide From Edelrid

As restrictions begin to ease over the coming weeks and months, many businesses will be implementing hygiene measures to help slow the spread of the disease. As a manufacturer of PPE gear, Edelrid have provided some assistance with recommendations for gear hygiene.

Edelrid PPE products can be cleaned with conventional disinfectants, as described in the products user manuals, using washing temperatures of 40C or lukewarm. These temperatures will not affect the products from a safety, haptic, or application-related perspective. Edelrid provide their assurance that all their products are completely usable after being washed with this method.

In addition to the procedures in products’ user manual, Edelrid have also provided us with a few additional disinfection techniques:

  • Edelrid PPE products and Red Chili Climbing Shoes can be disinfected by placing them in a solution of 70% Isopropanol and 30% Distilled Water for a maximum of 3 minutes.
  • Alternatively, disinfection can be done by washing PPE products in warm water at a temperature of 65C, with or without neutral soap. This does not apply to products made from – or partly made from – HMPE (eg: dyneema).

These disinfection measures do not negatively affect the products’ safety-related parameters. However, do note that they can sometimes impair their feel, appearance, or functionality.

With this in mind, all products should be checked after washing/disinfection, and prior to each use, to ensure that they function properly. Eg: that buckles on harnesses are still adjustable. Storage and drying of Edelrid PPE products should also be done in accordance to user manuals.

As research into COVID-19’s methods of transmission and effects continues, it is to be noted that these methods are simply tested ways of cleaning and disinfecting Edelrid products by their recommendation. All other information in user manuals for each Edelrid product remains unaffected.

For additional information, please refer to page 30 of Edelrid’s Ropebook Manual