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Best Beginner Hikes in SEQ


Best Beginner Hikes in SEQ

Whether you’re new to the trails or taking one of those pesky rest days and are searching for something a little easier, South East Queensland leaves nothing to be desired! Join me as I recount the best beginner hikes in SEQ.

Mt Coolum

If you like expansive coastal views this is definitely the hike for you! Not many hikes in SEQ will give you views with this level of panorama. After extensive trackwork to combat erosion in 2018 this trail is very well looked after and accessible which is reflected by its popularity! On any given weekend you’ll be sharing the trail with tens if not occasionally hundreds of others, which may be discouraging to some. If having the trail to yourself is more your thing, try going on a weekday or very early in the morning (the sunrises are spectacular!) to beat the crowds. The track follows a series of paved and rock stairs to the summit which gives one of the best coastal views you’ll see in QLD!


Mt Ngungun

My first hike! Home to one of the best bang-for-your-buck summit views in all of SEQ! There aren’t many other trails that give you this much value for only 3km return. This a great trail that the whole family can join in on, however make sure to avoid weekends as it gets ridiculously busy and don’t forget the mozzie spray! A recent (2019) track upgrade has made the track even more accessible. Starting from the carpark, the track winds its way through open forest filled with ferns and towering eucalypts. The track then increases in steepness as the stairs and rock steps begin in a series of switchbacks. The walk is well worth it though as you’ll soon be spat out at the summit, with terrific views of Mt Coonowrin and Mt Beerwah. The ideal spot for a cruisy sunrise hike.

Mt Ngungun (Photo credit – Meli Fischer)

Mt Cordeaux

Heading to the other side of Brisbane now, Mt Cordeaux is a little longer than the previous two hikes but is by no means more difficult. Being largely sheltered by the thick rainforest canopy, Mt Cordeaux is the perfect midsummer hike. When its not busy, you’ll find it incredibly tranquil, nothing but the sound of leaves crunching underfoot and the birds and insects chirping. The well-maintained track is 6.5km return and winds its way up through ancient Gondwana rainforest, soon reaching its terminus at a spectacular rocky outcrop with expansive views over the Fassifern Valley and the rest of Main Range. If you’re feeling up for the challenge you can add an extra 6km or so by continuing along the trail to Bare Rock where another magical view awaits.

View from Mt Cordeaux

Artist Cascades

Another great option for a hot summer’s day. Take note, if you do not have a 4WD you will have to park in a small space on the right before the first creek crossing on Booloumba Creek Rd and hike an extra 1km or so along the road to Booloumba Falls Day Use Area where the hike begins. This is a gentle 10.6km return hike which winds its way along Booloumba Creek, through thick rainforest to its terminus at the stunning Artist Cascades. Take a dip in the refreshingly cool water but be sure to check for leeches afterwards, especially if it has been raining! Optional side tracks include the abandoned gold mine or the Strangler Cairn, an intriguing artist installation of rocks in the shape of a giant egg.

Artist Cascades

South East Queensland has endless opportunities to adventure and explore. Varying from hilly climbs to mountain tops, to scenic coast line views their really is an hike for people with all skill and confidence levels. If you liked the hikes above why not check out the moderate or advanced South East Queensland blogs!

Hike reviews written by Offtrack Ambassador @adventuresofjakey  from Adventure Mountain Company