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Exclusive Preview – Sea To Summit Ether Light XT Extreme Insulated


At Offtrack we work very closely with our brands to ensure we understand the gear we sell and know what’s coming to market.  While chatting to the team at Sea To Summit we mentioned we were heading out on a trip and they kindly gave us a couple of mats to trial and wowweee were we impressed with the new technology and comfort that these bring to the market!

So we are stoked to share the first real user review on the Sea To Summit Ether Light XT Extreme Insulated range! We received samples of both the Unisex and Women’s regular model and we were impressed to say the least! From the outset you can see these air mats have some insulation and fill, they look thick and plush straight out of the storage bag. Once inflated though you can see why you are about to have an incredible sleep, these mats are plush – 10cm Thick!; and before you say “they make crinkle sounds.” I can assure you now, that they are as silent as any other mat on the market. Sea To Summit have worked hard over the last 12-18 months to eliminate the sound and we have not heard this feedback on any of the Ether series!

In terms of size and shape these match the current Ether range in dimensions.  Marcus is over 6′ tall so he by default tested the Unisex model, I on the other hand am vertically challenged meaning the the shorter women’s mat was usable for me. To be honest I would consider the women’s specific option moving forward based on shape alone. I really liked the extra width across the hip region of the mat for rolling over compared to a standard tapered shape, and would strongly suggest if you are not a complete fan of the tapered shape then you should give the women’s model a chance! My only other consideration would be that next time I would look at the Women’s long which is a unisex regular length so my toes don’t hang off the edge! These mats will be available in a range of regular and large sizes in both tapered and rectangular shape but we have only seen these 2 models in person.

Warmth Rating! Now the exact figures are unofficial as testing is still taking place but we are expecting to see a R-Value around 6+ on the new ASTM rating system. The initial testing was producing unisex rating of 6.2 and the women’s 6.3, so really it is in warmth is where the difference lies between the standard Ether Light XT model and this XT Extreme model. These are unbelievably warm mats that feature “Dual Density Layers of THERMOLITE™️ Insulation” We were testing these in sub alpine conditions but the mercury dropped to -3 in the valley and I did not wake up once due to a cold back or hips.

Now the colour, if you are a gear freak who loves to colour coordinate your kit then this sleek black colour may or may not float your boat. But we thought it was a great choice and allows users to not worry about whether they want an aqua or bright orange mat.

Price, the price is currently set for $369.99 – $399.99  meaning they are in the space of an Exped DownMat 9 but cheaper than Therm-a-Rest XLite and Therm-a-Rest UberLight. This price is certainly in the top end of sleeping mats but it comes down to the tech and warmth. The Air Mattresses in this price range and engineered to be as light as possible while boasting high R-Values. Realistically these mats are aimed at those people who are moving through the sub Alpine and Alpine regions  with everything on their back.

Packed Size is around 17.5cm x 24cm and weighing in at around 700 grams (Unisex Regular model). Essentially this mat is tiny to pack down and will be a leader for warmth to weight ratio. If you are hiking through the colder regions or looking for a plush warm mat then we would suggest you strongly consider this as an option. Due for delivery March 2021 at the earliest this should be a great option for next winter in the southern states of Australia.

We are going to open pre-orders now if you are interested and wanted to secure some stock!

Click here for Unisex!            Click here for Women’s!